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While there are companies that currently market anti-weld spatter coatings, their products are very toxic and can not be used in production environments due to various harmful chemicals. We felt the market was ready for a non-toxic, Low-VOC product that is OSHA friendly, yet affordable enough to use in production. The X13 Anti-Weld Spatter Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, acrylic coating developed to assist in the cleaning and maintenance of production tooling fixtures, proximity switches/sensors and cables. At a cost of $5 per square foot of X13, the cost to benefit ratio is the economical solution you are looking for. The X13 has been tested in the harshest of welding environments and proves to be successful at increasing production by reducing downtime and lowering maintenance costs.

How does it work?

The X13 creates a non-permanent, protective barrier that significantly reduces the amount of heat between weld spatter and any working surface. When the weld spatter has cooled, simply remove the excess spatter with compressed air, a brush or cloth and reapply to exposed surface – significantly reducing down time associated with weld-spatter removal.

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